Anchor Points and Safety Systems


Height Pro offers unparalleled height safety systems and peace of mind.

Height Pro Ltd have a dedicated Height Safety & Access Solutions division made up of consultants, and engineers. Our qualified consultants perform site-specific facility audits and risk assessments based on existing (or required) height safety systems. Our process involves the provision of reports, list of recommendations, relevant information, specifications and drawings with Height Safety System mapping and all things necessary for leading up to the installation process.

Height Pro comply to Worksafe NZ Best Practice Guidelines and Australian/New Zealand Standards. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers of height safety & fall protection systems to ensure that the best possible designs are used to create the best possible solutions.

Testing and certification

All Height Safety Systems require periodic inspection, maintenance and re-certification. Height Pro apply clear signage and tagging on all Height Safety components at your facility. All details are logged in our unique Height Safety Management System which automatically sends you a reminder before the next inspection is due

Height Pro Accredited Installers, Inspectors and Certifiers of:

  • Safetor - Anchors
  • Vi - Go - Vertical Systems
  • Xenon - Overhead and Horizontal
  • Multi Rail

The process for anchors/systems with a PS4

Site inspection

Inspection and testing of all Height Safety Systems using the relevant approved techniques for each individual component:

  • Visual Examination
  • Hydraulic Load Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Individual Component Testing and Servicing By Manufacturer
Tagging and re-certification of each component stating date of last inpsection and next due date

Reporting and logging of data and photographs on our Height Safety Management System

Client is sent a facility report of the current state of the Height Safety System/Anchors

Client is sent a friendly reminder when the next inspection date is drawing close


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