Our highly innovative access and service solutions, our safety culture, and our strong ethical approach have earned us an enviable reputation as a dependable, no-nonsense company that consistently delivers quality products and services on time and within budget. Height Pro continues to grow and expand through global experience and latest technology, offering our clients consistency in effective solutions and intelligent project packages

Our Values

Safetywe have a responsibility to ourselves and those around us to ensure safety at all times

Integritywe are an honest company who make fair and ethical decisions

Qualitywe work towards a grade of excellence every time through our experience & knowledge

Assurancewe guarantee our workmanship and believe in our team to deliver

Health, Safety, Environment

At Height Pro, we are committed to the health & safety of our team and maintain a high responsibility to protect the environment through all of our procedures. Height Pro will continue to develop it's safety systems by implementing the most up to date industry regulations. All personnel are responsible for their own Health & Safety and that of the people around the workplace.

Environmental – Our work can involve us using a wide range of chemicals, paints, solvents and other hazardous materials. Height Pros Environmental Management Plan stipulates how to control, handle and dispose of these products with no or minimal disruption to the environment and personnel.

Safety Culture – At Height Pro we promote a safe working environment with our Integrated Safety Management Plan. In our industry there is no room for error, which can be often missed without the correct barriers in place. All equipment receives ongoing testing in line with SPRAT/IRATA code of practice and New Zealand Standards. Each of our technicians is not only responsible for their own safety but that of their colleagues.

Training – All of our rope access technicians are trained and certified well above the level of New Zealand standards for Rope Access. This ensures that we maintain a high level of safety whilst working at heights. All our technicians receive ongoing training to meet the industry standard.

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