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Height Pro is a diversified provider of essential height services to key industries.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand we are able to accommodate the multitude of companies who require essential services and choose to outsource their non-core activities. Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver cost savings whilst maintaining the highest possible safety standards.
Height Pro is able to meet this standard and exceed it on every project. We are able to do this by being rigorous in our systems, and by creating synergies through alliances and combining to form joint ventures to better complete a project.

100% Safety, 100% Compliant, 100% Satisfaction

Height Pro's number one priority is safety, this ensures that we are compliant which leads to satisfied customers.

We value long term relationships. These are built on a foundation of trust, expertise, quality and safety. Experience this for yourself. Contact Height Pro now to find out how we can help you with your project.

Changes to NZ Legislation

April 30, 2015
Health and Safety Reform Bill
The Reform Bill has come about as a result of the recommendations from the government taskforce's review of the effectiveness of Health and Safety Employment Act 1992.The taskforce made a number of recommendations for change. Together with the findings from the Royal commission of Enquiry into the...
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